Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beacon Theater

"For men sex is such a constant thing. It's not even sex to us, it's just pussy. That's what we call it. Pussy. It has nothing to do with women. It's not about girls or chicks, like it was in the fifty's. There's no guys anywhere in the world saying "let's go meets some chicks. Kiss them on the mouth and see what happens." There's none of that. "Hmm. I sure would like to have my arm around a girl". It's just... pussy. It's not even A pussy. It's not some people's pussys. It's just pussy. Like big pink ballon letter's in front of our face's all the time. To men it's just an element of the universe. Like, it should be on the chart of the elements. Next to tin and ammoniac. PY. With an atomic weight of twelve. Or whatever pussy atoms weigh."

- Louis CK no espectáculo "Live at Beacon Theater"

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