Thursday, September 08, 2011


"I worried that i was going to have to be primarily a writer. Why worry, you might ask? Well, although it is true that one feels fantastic when one has finished a writing task, it is mostly horrible while one is doing it. You will see therefore that writing, ghastly at the time but great afterwards, is exactly the opposite of sex. All that keeps one going is the knowledge that one will feel good when it's all over. I knew, as all writers know, that performers have a much easier life. They swan about being admired, recognized, pampered, praised and told how wonderful they are and what energy and resource and strength they have to cope with the pressure. Pah. They only work while they are in rehearsal, on set or on stage; for the rest of the time they can get up late and laze and lounge about like lords. Writers on the other hand are in a permanent state of school exam crisis. Deadlines croak and beat their wings above them like sinister rooks; producers, publishers and performers nag for rewrites and improvements. Any down time looks like evasion and indolence. There is no moment at which one cannot, and should not it seems, be at one's desk. It is also a desperately lonely calling.
Hugh (Laurie) and i were writer-performers - we wrote the material that we performed. I could not decide whether this meant we had the best of both worlds or the worst. To this day i cannot be sure."

Stephen Fry em The Fry Chronicles: onde fala da sua juventude, carreira, amores e amizade com Hugh Laurie e Emma Thompson.

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